I CHOOSE SA Campaign

SA Made & Owned – Further Information

Dear Customers,

Our current I CHOOSE SA campaign, in conjunction with Food South Australia, is focussed on supporting & raising awareness of companies & products that are South Australian owned & made.

For your understanding, the criteria utilised by Food South Australia to determine the suppliers and products involved in the program is as follows. We trust you find this information helpful.

  • SA Made - Grown, produced or substantially transformed in SA

Made in SA’ is a claim about the manufacturing process involved in making the food, which means the food underwent its last substantial transformation in South Australia.

Under the definition, goods are substantially transformed if:

  • They were ‘grown’ or ‘produced’ in South Australia
  • As a result of one or more processes undertaken, the goods are fundamentally different in identity, nature or essential character from all their original ingredients or components.

Processes that only change the form or appearance of ingredients or components do not qualify as a ‘substantial transformation.’

Further information on Country of Origin labelling is available at:


  • SA Owned – Main business location is in SA

SA Owned claims are verified by checks on the company ABN, Entity Name, Entity Location and confirmation of principal place of business in SA.

For additional details in relation to specific products in the program, please contact Food SA directly on: contact@foodsa.com.au

Our Best Wishes, Drakes Supermarkets

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