Buy SA. for SA.

Look out for the Buy SA.

Now more than ever, it’s important that we support local.

Whether it’s your local supermarket, butcher, fruit and veg shop, restaurant or clothing store, spending your money in those local businesses who reinvest it in your local community is critical. Why? These local businesses stimulate the local economy by creating jobs, paying taxes that help pay for roads, hospitals and schools, and create more opportunities for other businesses. We’ve made it easier for you to identify products on our shelves that are proudly SA Made and Owned, with the introduction of our Buy SA. For SA. shelf tickets! When you see a Buy SA. For SA. sticker, you can be confident that product is made right here in SA – by a South Aussie company.

“We’re proud to be introducing these shelf tickets to make it easier for our customers to support local,” says John-Paul Drake, Director of Drakes Supermarkets. “Let’s support the state that supports us.”

You can be assured that when you see a ticket the product meets the following criteria:

SA Made: the product is grown, produced or substantially transformed in SA. This means the product was grown or produced in SA, or as a result of one or more processes undertaken the goods are fundamentally different in identity, nature or essential character from all their original ingredients or components. “Made in SA” is a claim about the manufacturing process involved in making the food, which means the food underwent its last substantial transformation in South Australia. Read more about Country of Origin labelling here.

SA Owned: the main business location is in SA, with claims verified by checks on the company ABN, Entity Name, Entity Location and confirmation of principal place of business in SA.

Buy SA. For SA. is an initiative of the Government of South Australia and is managed by Brand South Australia, to support South Australian producers and businesses.

The SA Made and Owned Database is managed by Food South Australia. For additional details in relation to specific products in the program, please contact Food SA directly on

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